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Meet Dr. Bernard K Oppong

Dr. Bernard K Oppong, practices internal medicine in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Oppong graduated with a DO over 22 years ago.

Specialties: Internal Medicine -

Board Certified

Benefits of Havens Urgent Care Center

If you have an urgent medical need that's not life-threatening, using an Havens Urgent Care Center may offer you the following benefits:
Shorter wait times than a hospital emergency room
Lower co-payments than a hospital emergency room
Open extended hours, weekends, or holidays
Convenient location



Meet our Outstanding Medical Staff

Havens Urgent Care is located:

Phone (614) 864 1313

Phone (614) 864 1314

Fax (614) 864 1315

1582 Waggoner Rd, Blacklick, OHIO 43004


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